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What is ADMOS? 

ADMOS-Lite (previously known as minimalubuntu) is an operating system that features LXDE and lightweight programs based on Ubuntu (operating system), but it is not an official project by Canonical Ltd. The goal of ADMOS-Lite is to create a distribution based on Ubuntu that is reasonably fast even on limited hardware & comprises of 100% free software only. In contrast to other variants of Ubuntu, ADMOS-Lite is focused on providing a trimmed set of software packages while providing the experience expected by a modern computer user. Furthermore, the user interface is designed to be usable even at smaller resolutions such as those on older computers and netbooks.

ADMOS-Lite uses software from the repositories of Ubuntu but also excludes non-free elements. ADMOS-Lite is promoted, developed, and distributed by the P4F Project.

Main Characteristics

Why MinimaLubuntu (ADMOS-Lite) ?

I love ubuntu. More than any other gnu+linux operating system. I feel that a good operating system needs to be stable. After all I am giving my precious hardware in the hand of this OS and it therefore must be reliable, solid and able to take good care of my hardware. Its like finding a groom for daughter. And that is why although I like the bleeding edge thing in fedora I keep a distance with it when when it comes to installing the OS on my hard disk. I seriously dont like that much of rapid change for a base system. Would you like to change your wife every six months (notice that I said "wife" not "girlfriend")? Ubuntu is strong and reliable and probably that is why millions of people worldwide trust on Ubuntu as their desktop OS.

Ubuntu in its official definition says :
Ubuntu is an operating system built by a worldwide team of expert developers. It contains all the applications you need: a web browser, office suite, media apps, instant messaging and much more.

Ubuntu is an open-source alternative to Windows and Office.

Now this is where problem starts for me (and possibly for several others). I am a greater lover of free software. And by saying free software I mean 100% free software that ensures your security and freedom (Free as in Freedom, not as in Free Beer). How can my favourite distro be such a huge supporter of open source?? I mean wt*?
"OK" I said to myself "Cool down & think what you can do to save both of your favourites". Answer was quite easy. I installed, got into the system and removed all those non-free stuffs :)

But there is one more problem too. Ubuntu was quite slow performer compared to Zenwalk (my other favourite) or sitaz (I am amazed with this one). I dont like gnome's burden on my low ram computer (Although I am a fan of gnome otherwise). As a advanced user, I sometimes just need my console and none of those heavy stuffs. Dont think of me geek enough to say "console is my only love". I need GUI. To show off to friends or at those rare times when I decide to play games on my computer.

Now the next task for me was to get rid off those heavy staffs that I dont need at this system with low memory. Finally I installed LXDE instead of gnome and started living with my computer happily ever after.

....Film is not over yet my friend! I decided to move a step further and built a new operating system based of Ubuntu and stripped it down to 308 mb only. Uploaded it to a server, set up a website and released it for download by everyone in the world. I named it ADMOS-Lite.

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